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This is a post from Riss Lake e news. I put a preliminary statement on the site. After meeting with the health dept tomorrow afternoon I may have additional information. Melissa, will you post this in the meanwhile on social media along with the info you posted on the city's page. Thank you.
John and Cynthia Lewman (5 year resident)
3/14/2020 at 4:45 PM
Has anybody heard anything from our local government in regards to how Parkville is responding to the Covid-19 National Emergency that our President and Governor Mike Parsons announced yesterday?
?John & Irene DELICH (31 year resident)
3/14/2020 at 6:47 PM
I expect we will hear from the City in good time with information related to Parkville specific actions in a way that is prudent but not panic driven!
John and Cynthia Lewman
John and Cynthia Lewman (5 year resident)
3/15/2020 at 8:52 AM
I believe our state and local goverment should be regularly informing us on the availability of testing, the number of tests that have been given and the number of those who have tested positively. Reliable and accurate information is key to flattening the curve and preventing outbreaks. Opting for no news is not prudent.
John and Cynthia Lewman

?Nan Johnston (16 year resident)
Today at 5:09 AM
City officials are meeting with the Platte county health department on Monday afternoon. We will update you as soon as the emergency management, health and city government officials establish protocols. In the meanwhile, wash hand frequently and avoid touching your face. If possible avoid crowds with more than 50 persons present and try to maintain a 6 ft distance. If you have a fever, self isolate until you contact your doctor. We may implement additional recommendations as the situation develops.? here is an update from DHSS, Dr Randall Williams. 020-127-xxxx 7100/posts/ 820-077-xxxx 93986/