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I heard back from QuikTrip yesterday. Due to the volume of new projects, they have reassigned the Parkville project to project manager, Daniel Chambers in their Tulsa office. He confirmed that he has been directed to make the project a top priority and to have it under construction this fall. He stated that we should expect to see KCP&L and MGE active on the site within the next two weeks. I made him aware that they will need to coordinate with the City, particularly on any work in the ROW.

Daniel was not fully up to speed on the project, but expected to be shortly. We discussed the CID, needed development agreement and need to resolve the access at Julian / 45 Hwy. He will be discussing with Matt Brooks to get up to speed, but anticipated we would need a meeting in the next week. He was not clear on the condition of approval related to Julian Drive / 45 Hwy. I explained that in addition to the requirement to ``stripe and sign the access at Julian Drive to provide storage for the northbound left turn vehicle queues and install traffic signs at the frontage road intersection telling drivers not to block access to and from the frontage road they were obligated to explore issues related to the intersection of Julian Drive with the frontage road and Julian with 45 Highway. I gave him some background and an overview of the issue / concerns. I explained that QT had stated they were not opposed to a traffic signal but didn't believe MoDOT would approval a signal and didn't believe it should be QT's full financial responsibility. I made him aware that we discussed the signal with Nathan Juliana and MoDOT who did not conclude that the signal would not be allowed, but had not shown support believing at that time that QT and Don Julian were not in support.

I agreed that staff would meet internally to discuss the project, but afterward we would want a meeting with Parkville, QT and MoDOT to review. I also suggested that a subsequent meeting with Don Julian and Steve Warger may also be appropriate. I shared my expectation that the Planning Commission and Board will want to verify that the issue has been thoroughly evaluated, particularly if they are not proposing a solution that clearly addresses the neighbors' concerns. We also discussed the CID and potential to reimburse a portion of the cost for the improvements at Julian Drive / 45 Highway if they include a signal or other significant infrastructure.

Following is Daniel's contact information. He is managing several other projects, but said he will be flexible since this is a top priority. All he asked is that we give as much advanced notice as possible for in-person meetings since he has a 4 hour drive time. I'll follow up later today with a meeting request for next week.

Daniel Chambers

QuikTrip Corporation

4705 South 129th East Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74 134-xxxx

Cell: 480-330-xxxx

Office: 918-615-xxxx


Sean Ackerson

Assistant City Administrator /

Community Development Director

City of Parkville

8880 Clark Ave

Parkville, MO 64152