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I appreciate your response back in a timely manner. I would also appreciate one back from Tina Welch.

I have not tried to twist anyone's words, or construed this project or process to be anything that it is not, nor have I concealed my outspokenness against the development as it stands, as I believe that a development will take place in these locations. I was offering to meet to suggest some modifications based solely on what I have heard in regards to the public's feelings, comments, and wants about the plan. I represent no one other that myself and my family. To be told that the reason you are unwilling to meet is due to my outspokenness about the plans seems unfair, and not in your constituents best interest, making it seem as if I was an ally you would welcome me. I hope that you will reconsider this decision moving forward.


On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 11:10 AM Nan Johnston wrote:

Please understand that we have previously met with concerned residents, only to have our words twisted and lies spread about the conversation. When our meeting was set up I hadn't realized that your family had been so outspoken against the development. We have been advised by legal counsel to limit our discussions with residents unless it's in a public forum where the conversation can be heard by everyone.

I will allow public comment again at the Board of Aldermen meeting on the 30th (6:00). However, it is not a public hearing and the time will be limited depending on how many people want to speak. During the public hearings, many people spoke far longer than the three minutes allotted.

You may also continue to submit written public comment.

Based on my conversation with David Barth, I do believe you might have some excellent suggestions; however, it is probably a better idea to speak with the developer, Brian Mertz directly. He can be reached at 816-616-xxxx

From: Weston Coble
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 3:48 PM
To: Tina Welch ; Nan Johnston
Subject: Development at I-435 and 45 Highway


My name is Weston Coble, I am a resident of the Thousand Oaks neighborhood in the city limits of Parkville. My wife and I have lived here for about three years now and are active in our community. I spoke with Joe Parente this morning about a possible meeting with the two of you, as requested by David Barth. I am a practicing architect, and partner at a highly regarded firm that specializes in high end custom residential, along community amenities and clubhouses.

I understand that the reason the meeting was canceled was that my wife Molly Coble sent an email today to the City of Parkville, as she is out of town at this moment for work I am not sure what she wrote, but I can imagine it was very passionate as she has been a resident of the area almost her entire life. I did know that she sent an email on October 10th, and she had read it to me when I asked her what she wrote. Joe pointed out that she mentioned the mayor being greedy, and I don't remember that portion of it, but I will take his word for it since he had the email in front of him and I do not. The part I do remember is that she spoke passionately about living in Parkville, about us building a house here, raising our daughter here, her father taking part in the farmers market, and the ways we enjoy the area such as the coffee house and parks. I did not grow up here, I grew up in a small town south of Kansas City called Freeman, in Missouri. It is a town of about 500 people, and I would not of changed it for the world. One of the reasons I agreed to move to Parkville with my wife was that it still had some resemblance of that, of a small town where time slows down, people still wave at each other in passing vehicles, you still care about not only your neighbor but the one farther down the street too. It was what people term "our little piece of heaven". After living here for a few years of living here I don't want to live anywhere else, I have wonderful neighbors, we have great schools, and a wonder community, I would say we are happy.

When I first heard about the project I was concerned, I found the project listed on the city website and started reviewing the plans. If I said I was shocked it would be an understatement. It was not due to the fact that development was happening, it was to what was being proposed. I told my wife that there was no way what was being proposed would pass the PNZ, that they would most likely send it back for major modifications and that we would be presented with something better. I attended the September 11th meeting, I did not speak but spent my time really listening to what people had to say, how they felt. I also listened to what the committee, staff and developers lawyer had to say. I have been on the presenting side of the table, I know what its like to have people not believe in a project, to have some push back, to have to make changes after lots of hard work. So when the public hearing was continued to October 9th, and then the 10th I spent some time educating myself on the project, spent lots of time looking at what the developer was proposing, what the zoning allowed, and what the Parkville master plan recommended. So I decided to speak at the 9th and 10th meetings, to give my perspective on the project, to maybe give some valuable input on the project not only from a design professional but from someone who will live with this project in the future. I felt that the PNZ committee did a great job of listening to the public, and I may not of completely agreed with them but at least I felt the process gave citizens the chance to voice their opinions.

Now to the point of why I am reaching out to you today. I don't feel that the 3 minutes given at the PNZ public hearing was adequate to convey or cover all the topics for a project of such magnitude. I have grave concerns with portions of the commercial areas, not because I don't want commercial, I just want it better integrated, scaled in proportion to Parkville. Again, I do believe that there are many people that would say they didn't expect this area to be developed, or maybe I'm naive. I just want to help make this project the best it can be, for me, for my daughter, for my wife, for my neighborhood, and for Parkville, because we all deserve the best possible outcome, and I don't want to say that I had an opportunity and stood by.

If possible I would appreciate as response back from you both, and a discussion about a possible meeting if that could be arranged. Thank you for your time.



Weston E. Coble
Cell - 913-645-xxxx


Weston E. Coble
Cell - 913-645-xxxx