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Thank You Joe

Tina Welch

Ward 1 Alderman


On Sep 3, 2020, at 8:19 AM, Joe Parente wrote:


Dear Mrs. Kellerman:

The adoption of the ordinance that approved the xxxxxxxxxx Redevelopment Project was fully within the authority of the Board of Aldermen. The approval of the provision varying the construction start time is within their authority to adopt or modify an ordinance.

I did obtain approval to extend various different deadlines under the current State of Emergency Order the city is operating, and followed the protocol under Ordinance 3034. These extensions were for a ninety day period and did include the Downtown Redevelopment projects. Because the COVID-19 Pandemic has continued to endure, and the city still remains under a State of Emergency Order, at this time we have chosen to deal with extensions or variances of guidelines associated with the State of Emergency, by taking them directly to the Board for authorization. Again, as stated above, this was done within the Board's authority to approve or modify any ordinance.

I hope this clarifies your question. We appreciate your concern, and understanding, while we try to work with our citizens and businesses to navigate these difficult times.


Joe Parente

From: Elaine Kellerman
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2020 4:35 PM
To: Joe Parente
Cc: Nan Johnston ; Marc Sportsman ; Stephen Lachky ; Tina Welch ; Philip Wassmer ; Brian Whitley ; Dave Rittman ; Doug Wylie ; Robert Lock ; Greg Plumb ; Melissa McChesney
Subject: Ordinance 3034

Mr. Parente,

I was the one who provided written testimony at last night's BOA meeting regarding the Downtown Parkville Redevelopment Policy and how it specifically related to Action Item #5, Letter D. Despite my concern, the board unanimously voted to approve the Second Amendment to the Downtown Parkville Redevelopment Plan which allows 110 Main ST to receive Chapter 353 tax abatement. The reason for this was said to be the passage of Bill 3084 (which became Ordinance 3034) on April 21, 2020 which allows the mayor to "waive, modify or suspend certain requirements set forth in the Parkville Municipal Code" due to the COVID pandemic. Citing this ordinance, the property owner did not have to wait for board approval before beginning construction. However, at that meeting in April, Alderman Sportsman asked (starting at the 9:48 in the video for the meeting) if there was some mechanism in place to communicate what has been approved to the board (regarding granted exceptions to municipal code). You responded in the affirmative saying you would make a written request to the mayor should a situation arise when a deadline needed to be extended or relaxed, for example. This request, if approved by the mayor, would then be passed along to the board.

So, the question is in the case of 110 Main ST (and/or the other two properties requesting 353 tax abatement), did you generate a request to the mayor which would allow the owner to begin property modifications before the application was officially approved by the board? I would like to see that communication. If none exists, why did you not follow your own protocol?


Elaine Kellerman

5243 NW Bluff Circle